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Jennings Group, Inc. - Who We Are

Darren Stone

Darren Stone, Principal
Active Principal Broker/Realtor ®
Sales / Leasing and Commercial RE Management

Tel. (541) 434-2133

With a background in sales and a higher education in Political Science, Darren brings the tools necessary to problem solve and the people skills bring the parties together. Darren Stone headed the first ever Brokerage division of Jennings Group, further expanding the level of Real Estate services we offer to our clients. As a member of the Commercial Investment Division of Lane County and the Local and National Association of Realtors ™, Darren brings has an extensive network of Professionals and Property owners that makes him effective brokering property transactions, leasing commercial space, and managing investment Real Estate.

Sarah Vail

Sarah Vail, Principal
Broker / Senior Portfolio Manager

Tel. (541) 683-2271

Sarah either is, or has been, the go-to person for everything at Jennings Group. She started as a temp at the front desk in 1995, and within a couple of years was the Office Manager. Over the next ten years she had experience in all areas of company operations, and became the chief problem solver, eventually moving into property management. The breadth of her knowledge about Jennings Group. and the property management business means she’s almost always doing more than one thing at a time. “Multi-tasking is the same whether it’s property management or being the mother of three.” This also means she excels at customer service, whether it’s for clients or consumers, and no matter what the issue. “I like being in a position where I can both hold people accountable, and also create opportunities for folks.” Sarah earned her broker’s license in 2007 and is now the Multi-family Property Manager, a position that uses every aspect of her background. “I love what I do because it’s always changing, different every day. We work in a very family-like environment, and I’m dedicated to the company. Jennings has played a large role in my direction in life and is a big part of who I am today”.

Elizabeth Scott

Elizabeth Scott, Principal
Prinicipal Broker / Operations Manager

Tel. (541) 683-2271

Elizabeth has worked extensively in the property management and real estate services industry commencing with earning her professional real estate license in Oregon in 1984. With wide-ranging experience both in property management and business management over the years’ Elizabeth’s background includes portfolio management of Multi-family, Federal and State Subsidized programs, Tax-credit properties, Commercial, Mixed-use, HOA Boards, Condo Conversion, Single-family, and Tenant Improvement construction project oversight as well.

Elizabeth has a strong background in the southern Willamette Valley working with both local and regional property management firms. Elizabeth’s current capacity is providing administrative services within the Jennings Group team.

​Elizabeth was the recipient of the 2011 Arts & Business Partnership Award presented by the Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene.

“A business managed with the primary key components of trust, ethics, and laughter creates and fosters pride, creativity, professionalism, motivation, confidence, referrals, loyalty, initiative, productivity, reliability –the effects are limitless and key to both the company’s and client’s success as well as the success of the stakeholders themselves.”

Kent Jennings

Kent Jennings, Principal Broker
Portfolio Manager / Development Consulting

Tel. (541) 683-2271

Kent formed what is now the Jennings Group in 1978.  Over the past 35 years Kent’s primary real estate focus has been in the field of property management.  Kent has worked to serve the needs of both small and large investors in properties ranging from single family homes to large apartment communities and commercial investments.  Prior to the successful disposition of branch offices in 2005, the Jennings Group managed nearly 6,000 units from Eugene to Seattle and throughout Oregon and Washington.  Starting in 1997 Kent has developed or served as the Development Consultant for seven apartment communities and one six story, mixed use project in Downtown Eugene.  This developer / owner business perspective adds significant experience and depth to the property management products offered by the Jennings Group today.

“I still very much enjoy the daily business challenges and especially the opportunity to work with clients, members of the Eugene / Springfield business community and, of course, the people who make up the Jennings Group.”

Kurt Schilling

Kurt Schilling, Construction Manager, Jennings Maintenance LLC

Tel. Tel. (541) 683-2271
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